The 12 Drinks of Christmas

Another year is tearing to its end, in case you haven’t lifted your head from the ledger for the past few weeks, Christmas is upon us.

For booze bloggers it is once again time to post cocktails that fit the holiday spirit, encouraging folks to eschew their fear of raw eggs and try nogs, fluffy sours and maybe even a flip.

Christmas is also a time when new booze comes into your life. Gifts from friends and family, a cheeky bottle of Napoleon brandy from your Nan, a thoughtful bottle of bubbles or maybe just an eleven twenty five of Jack grabbed in a last minute entry from the duty free.

As such I thought I might try a different approach to my holiday postings. I am going to write 12 posts covering what you might consider doing with your newly acquired alcohol collection.

Covering Champagne, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whisky, Port, Brandy & Cognac, Beer, Bourbon, Vodka, Vermouth and of course those pesky liqueurs. I’ll try and get outside the favourites to the ones that just really work at Christmas, or offer a different way out after you’ve had 34 rum and cokes in a row.

Feel free to link to posts about your own drinks that match the themes, or just bung in a recipe if you’d like to be involved.

Happy Holidays.


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