The perfect addition to your summer festivities.

The perfect addition to your Christmas Feast, backyard matches and lazy summer afternoons. This delightfully kitsch plastic punch fountain circulates your punchy goodness to the top of the three tiers of cascades, the bottom which has handy spigots to fill the hook-handled punch cups.

Yes, it is plastic. Yes, the cups as well are plastic. Yes, it is hideously tacky.

However, at just $19, I reckon its probably the best credit-crunch Christmas addition around. Kiwis can get one for $25, simply head to your local Kmart, or buy one from the comfort of your seat here.

Oh, and if you needed a clincher, those are indeed glowing lights in the base.

I would say the addition of four or five fist sized lumps of ice, and 3 or so liters of a tasty punch this would be a good time all round. I heard a recipe the other day that sounded grand, called Anchor Punch from the fantastic mind of Naren Young. Seven Tiki spiced rum, apricot brandy, juice of limes and guava puree, ginger juice a generous hit of nutmeg. I’m not privy to the exact method, but I’m going to have a play and ask some folks, so i’ll let you know how i get on.

You could also try the Garden Party Punch I wrote about last year.


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