Thomas Handy Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey

Thomas H. Handy used to sling Sazeracs in New Orleans. He must have been good at it, because Buffalo Trace have named a special release after him.

The Rye is uncut and unfiltered, I believe the bottle I tried was the 2008 bottling, but there are also 2006 ones out there too. It forms a part of the Trace’s Antique collection of Bourbons. While I never understood why the Buffalo is left off of the greatest liquors these guys unleash, this certainly is a fine product. Like all rare booze, it’s the ones that are no longer out there on the market that are the best, the ones from 2000 & 2001 are whispered of online.

There is a little talk out there on the web about only 22 barrels of this elixir being bottled, and it certainly not something I just run into everywhere. It will cut a wedge out of your wallet, but it is a tasty way to see it go.

There is a bottle at Sticky, here in Sydney.


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