Bam! and the cork is gone.

It is no secret that I have a bit of a soft spot for the guys at Eau de Vie. There innovation with roots-of-the-Gentleman-Sportsman approach to drinking makes a visit nothing but a supreme pleasure.

The latest party trick they’ve committed to is the fine and ancient art of Sabrage. You can check out Sven in the video above, or head on in for the real life experience.

Eau de Vie offers a Violet Hour special for early birds that can make it to the bar promptly (6-7.30), including 25% off your very own bottle of bubbles, sabered to order.

Join their facebook page if you’d like to be kept fully up to date.


3 thoughts on “Bam! and the cork is gone.

  1. Jacob Briars says:

    They definitely do it better than a young Party Marty did when I first showed him this party trick! I hope they have sabred a very good bottle for you Ben, congraulations on the wonderful news!

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