Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal – Chichicapa

A recent and very welcome gift, this Single Village Mezcal is, well, grand.

Del Maguey produce about six different single village products like this, and while I’ve seen that the ChiChicapa is not the top of that pile on some of the American review posts (and they do have access to a much wider range than me),   I loved it, this is a wonderfully produced spirit.

Oily on the nose to the point of Kerosene, probably not helped much by the 49.2 abv, giving way to a sweet palate and an intoxicating smoky finish, almost menthol at the extremity.

Compared to any of the readily available mezcals that have made it to Australia, this is magical. Definitely try it if you get it offered.

I have never been one for just copying text of the company website, but you can taste the love that has gone into this drink, and as they say on the site:

Faustino Garcia Vasquez is the maker of Chichicapa. He is a humble and talented craftsmen with great respect for the ancient processes.

Well done Faustino, you have done a great job.


2 thoughts on “Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal – Chichicapa

  1. Jason Williams says:

    Yep, love it. Can’t get enough actually. The website too even though its a bit 2001!

    Some great pics and descriptions of what these mezcals are and where they come from.

    And the pechuga! A friend and i are going to split a bottle of this chicken infused mezcal. very interesting stuff.

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