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Timmy Philips, for the win

It’s the last day of World Class in Rio.

Tim Philips is the talk of the comp, followed by a number of TV cameras that suggests presidential infidelity or allegations of doping.

He’s smashed out a series of amazing drinks over the course of the week. The Rum Cannonball pictured above in the Tiki Challenge, or the cricket ball leather smoked Affinity, or the frankly astounding Ressurection Flip.

It’s a long week, and the media schedule has taken it’s toll but he’s managed to stay focused and is putting in world class performances again and again. for up to the minute coverage of the final day, and the announcement later tonight.

Big thanks to Addie Chinn for this great photo too.

Competitions, Event

Who’s keen for a World Class Sunday?

Each year, Diageo spend a lot of time, money and effort finding a World Class Bartender to represent Australia at take a shot at taking out the global crown. It’s a phenomenal event, packed full of talent and full to the brim with crazy good drinks. Check out the video above of last years finals for an idea of what it all entails.

It all kicks of with the summer round.

There are three categories: Gentleman’s Drinks (think boozy, perfectly balanced seriousness – the kind of thing Don Draper would be into,) Punch (big-bowled fun for the whole family and possibly the most resurgent cocktail category last year,) and Seasonal (The best of what’s fresh local and showcasing an Australian Summer, you can guarantee then, that they’ll all start wet and finish dry. Pretty much whatever your preference, you’ll find something delicious.

The finalists for the summer round are:

Jason Williams, theloft, Sydney
Collin Perillo, Zeta, Sydney
Phil Gandevia, Eau de Vie, Sydney
Thiago Santos, theloft, Sydney
Sarah Miller, I Know a Place, Melbourne
Perryn Collier, The Laneway, Brisbane
Adam Smith, Press Club, Brisbane
Anita Strother, Malt Dining, Brisbane
Fred Siggins, Kodiak Club, Melbourne

So, how does an afternoon (next Sunday, the 22nd) in a glass box on Sydney Harbour, filled with beautiful people, eight of the country’s best bartenders and Jason Williams sound?

Tickets are $65 over at Moshtix. It’s on a motherfucking boat, so space is limited – book yours now!

Sunday 22nd January, 3-6pm. You get to try the 9 drinks, plus some snacks.

I’ll see you there.