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On Tour: Havana Bar

Havana is to Wellington’s drinking scene what Fidel Castro was to Cuba.

This place stands for something different. A different set of rules.

It might not be as shiny as the other bars, the staff might be just a little bit more tattooed and pierced than the rest of the crews on Cuba St, the crowd might be what a well mannered, compassionate conservative would describe as ‘colorful’

Despite this, and more than just a little bit because of it, this is a place you have to visit. Spontaneous music at the front of the house, pulling in anyone who’s game. Genuine, loud laughter out back, its a place that rocks.

Great selection of rums, grab a measure and a beer back and find a seat out back.

32 Wigan Street, Te Aro 6011, New Zealand‎ – (04) 384 7041‎

On Google Maps here.