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This guy is yesterday’s news.

Diageo Reserve World Class Global Final 2013 - Day 5 - CIROC Party at Ushuaia
World Class 2013 is hours away from producing another World’s Best Bartender, and Australia waits with baited breath to hear if local-boy-done-good Luke Ashton will add the title to the lump sum he picked up for taking out the Antipodean leg of this years contest.

With all this anticipation flooding the internet, I felt it apt to pause for a moment and offer up a few words for a man who’s night can only end in the pangs of bitter disappointment.

Twelve months ago, Tim Philips was samba dancing with abandon as he assumed the title of World’s Best Bartenderâ„¢ for his own.

Tonight that all comes to an end.

Sources close to Philips acknowledge a life where monthly first class travel, photo-bombing opportunities on Dutch grannies and intimate chats with Angus Winchester (albeit in front of camera and a studio audience) are no longer commonplace will be hard on the young man’s outspoken but impressionable psyche.

Expect to see a small shrine, with book display and honesty box for the fruits of his year (below) appearing at the venue very soon.

The book will be a memorial of the drinks of Tim Philips, hopefully a few puns too

The book will be a memorial of the drinks of Tim Philips, hopefully a few puns too

In all seriousness, you could not find a funnier, more humble guy for this honour and the trappings that come with it. I for one am looking forward to him actually making me a drink at his bar.


This guy is World Class. Again.

The results are in and once again Tim Philips has come out on the top of the pile in Diageo’s World Class competition.

He’s holding the beetroot he used to stain his Sesa-Who, Sesa-me Sour at Sokyo for the food pairing.

Big love to Angus Burton and Dr Phil, taking out second and third places respectively.

The quality was amazing this year and the drinks were tasty as anything.

More photos and stories to come.