Martini Rosato

Martini unveiled an extended range of both its product lines in Sydney last night. Rosato, pictured above is the new addition to the vermouth range and Asti has found three tasty sisters in the Prosecco, Brut and Rosé bubbles, but I’ll write about those girls another time.

Martini is the third largest brand by volume around the world, and this pink bottle is being heralded as the vehicle to break into the Australian market. I think they might be right, and the Spirits awards in San Fransisco agreed, picking Rosato above 37 others as best aperitif.

Rosato, as you might have guessed, sits between the white/french and red/itailian vermouths that have traditionally been a part of the range. The taste has much more wine than the others, plus the berry characteristics of a good rosé. A pleasant herbal medley featuring nutmeg, cinnamon and a hint of juniper with anise brings the experience to a finish.

It’s extremely moorish with bubbles and a couple of berries, mixes readily with its stablemate gin, Bombay Sapphire and I’m looking forward to seeing how it tastes in a tribute to the Negroni, with Aperol or maybe Cynar.

The only question in my head with the Rosato is with the timing. The taste screams summer, hot days with jugs full of tasty sharing drinks. This one will be on the terrace at Madame Brussels before too long I am sure… At least they’ll have time to get the distribution sorted and bartenders a chance to come up with drinks for the summer lists.

A special shout out as well to Giuseppe, the Martini Global ambassador. Giuseppe was a consummate host and has the brand in his blood. I am sure the brand will benefit from his efforts.


A Dry Friday Fix

3719946690_82bbc9fa7d_bMmmm, sometimes, the classics are the best. ice up a martini glass and metal tin (the boston glass will melt too much ice before it chills.) Add 10mls of Noily Pratt French Vermouth (it’s a bit more floral than the Italian ones like Cinzano and Martini.) Add 70 mls Tanqueray No. Ten Gin. Stir the mixture with a long barspoon, trying to stir the whole mass of the ice all together. Discard the ice from the martini glass and strain the martini in. squeeze the oil from a lemon peel onto the surface and garnish with a beautiful lemon twist.

Repeat until all the troubles of the week disappear. Have a great weekend.