uber fast mojitos tomorrow night

fast mojitoBacardi and Uber Bartools are throwing their weight behind a massive attempt at a world record tomorrow night in Sydney.

Jonathan Coates is going to try and smash out more mojitos than any man ever has before in a single hour. There’s 126 litres of Bacardi, 75 litres of soda water, 160 kilos of limes (not cheap at this time of year) and 95 kilos of mint. No mention of sugar in the press release, but there’ll be a mini mountain of it on hand.

If this follows in the footsteps of the last few responsible serve events I’ve been to with 30mls in each drink, there’ll be 4200 beverages knocked out in an hour. At a more generous 90ml serve per glass there’ll still be 23 drinks a minute crossing the bar. Even Luke Reddington would have to admit that’s pretty quick.

Anyway, tomorrow night, No Vacancy at 12 Kellet St, Kings Cross. The record will be set between eleven and midnight. I’d suggest there might be a few mojitos being passed around the bar.