Touché, Canadian Club campaign from the late 1960’s

jdt_boozead1aAfter the comments on ‘A connection with the Old country‘ stated that Laphroaig had been running its social friends of the brand for decades, and offering one square foot leases of the peat bog, I was quite impressed. How innovative and before their time was that. Turn’s out, they weren’t the only ones doing really great marketing, way back.

Canadian Club, before the brand was splashed all over buses in Sydney advertising premix CC and Dry or Cola, it was a premium brand for people chasing something different.

Starting in 1967, their agency started hiding cases of product in hard to find parts of the world. The campaign ran until 1981, with a total of 22 cases being hidden around the world. Most were found in a relatively short period of time, 13 weeks for the one placed on the roof of a skyscraper in New York, five weeks for the case planted in Death Valley, Arizona. Other’s took a little more finding, seven years for the case on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

There are still five cases that have never been found. Hidden: 1) At the North Pole; 2) In Lake Placid, NY; 3) In The Yukon Territory of Canada; 4) On Robinson Crusoe Island off the coast of Chile; and 5) In Ujiji, Tanzania.

Finding any of these seems remote now, but should you want to give it a go, make sure you get in touch with James Wiltoff, who has been positing comments right around the web about going looking for the cases, primarily the Ujiji case, hidden a mere 110 feet from where Stanley met Livingstone. email him at james.willhoft@gte.net for the details.

And before you go running off to Africa, the settlement at Ujiji has grown considerably and the case has more than likely been found by some locals, unaware of its notoriety.

If that all sounds like too much effort, you can buy a modern bottle here in Sydney, prices start at around ten bucks.