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MixMarch #28: The World’s Biggest Flip

Flips are notoriously hard to get right. the taste, the consistency and the fact most people seem to have some issue with eating raw eggs (they will not, so long as they are fresh) all work against them. It was with some degree of trepidation, then, that I took part in the World’s largest flip last night at Hawthorn.

The World’s Biggest Flip.

To start, combine 13 eggs with 300mls of cream. whisk to ensure a smooth consistency.

In a 42Below Magnum, combine 250mls PX Sherry, 180mls 42Below Manuka Honey vodka, the egg and cream mixture, 1 bottle (750 mls) 42Below Pure vodka. Shake well. Pour into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with fresh spices. Serves 25.

Bar, New Zealand

On Tour: Hawthorn Lounge

Up the dark stairs you’ll find a quiet and refined gem of a bar serving up storied drinks with a great degree of care and humor.

Try the Pedro Jimenez Flip. awesome. Take 25 friends along with you and have it shaken up in a 42 magnum.

Just one little shameless plug, I’ve been taking photos on a Canon Powershot S90 compact camera. It is absolutely the best low light bar camera I have ever used. It sucks up light and captures the feel of a bar without drowning everything in a flash.

Find it here on Google maps.
82 Tory Street
Te Aro 6011
(04) 890 3724