Advertising, At home

Some guy making a Daiquiri

You won’t be able to tell from watching the video, but this is my good mate Marty Newell, Melburnian brand ambassador for the most┬ásuperior Superior Rum on Earth, Bacardi.

It’s a nice bit of vision, and an easily followable recipe for one of life exquisite little pleasures, a well made Daiquiri.

Nice work buddy.

Bar, Cocktail

A little something for all you smartphone users out there.

A neat little Google Mashup of places to get a wonderful drink. I love when companies create business models like this, it’s a bit like owning a book store where folks come in, sit down and write books, and the company gets to advertisers to pay for the whole thing.

Almost as good as charging people $800 for entry to the bookshop and then charging for every book as well, and not letting them take the book to another store.