Bar, Sydney


Goldfish was a bar I always used to walk past, but never went in. Positioned at the intersection of Victoria, Bayswater and Darlinghurst Rd, the Goldfish was always on the way, but never my destination. After meeting Noriel at Cocktail World Cup, I decided it was time to give it a go.

A large island bar dominates the room, but you can break with tradition and pull up a barstool without too many raised eyebrows. 6pm on a Friday is obviously not the boom time for this bar, but a steady stream of people came through the doors, ordering beers, wines and the occasional Mai Tai. A smart cage keeps the smokers in the bar, while keeping the Cross out.

I tried the Tuxedo and a cocktail whipped me up featuring Chivas 18 to match the cherries, which are worth a visit on their own. A Diffordesque secret recipe made them taste even better.

The 49% off between 6-8 everyday bar Saturday would be a smart destination for any punter. Also with the loss of the Bayswater, Goldfish might be the best drink in the Cross proper, sadly.

I should have tried here earlier and I’ll definitely be back.

111 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011‎ – (02) 8354 6666‎

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