Don Julio 1942

Possibly my favourite spirit in the world right now, Don Julio 1942 is a commemorative release for the brands founder, Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada.

Don Julio started making tequila at the tender age of 17, during 1942, hence the name of this variety. It is an Añejo tequila that has been aged for two and a half years after being twice distilled. It is finished in a pot still, which gives it a few unique and subtle characters, especially a vanilla note.

This is incredibly smooth tequila, designed to be sipped. It’s also mind-blowingly good in a Tommy’s Margarita.

I think the bottle is beautiful, but the plastic screw cap under that ball of wood does feel a little down-market for a couple a hundy bottle.

Web Cellars look to have the cheapest offer I can find, at $170 for a bottle or just shy of a bag of sand for a case. It’s products like this that make me wish I could buy wholesale…

It is only surpassed in the range by Don Julio Real, which undergoes the same distillation but is Extra Añejo, aged 3-5 years in American Oak. They also handpick estate grown agave for the Real, a claim that is not made for the 1942.

I can’t wait to try the Diageo Sangrita Ritual drinks tonight. I hope that someone makes it through with one matched with 1942…

NOM 1449