Ketel One

Dear Ketel One Drinker.

This post is not for you.

You probably already know that this vodka is distilled under a windmill in The Netherlands, and a few of you probably even know that due to its extremely large size it is called “The Whale”. You probably have luxiriated over the hint on aniseed in the finish of the spirit, asking the barkeep to match that with a breath of Lillet to bring it alive.

For the rest of us, Ketel One has been the (dutch) vodka that takes out white pages in GQ, Arena and Vanity Fair and seems to piss a lot of people off. Not to worry, I love a brand who alienates as much as it attracts.

This stuff is good. Well made, in a nice bottle, It’s got a bit of flavour and is nice in a vodka tonic. It’s even better in Pierre Faljoun’s cocktail.

Grab a bottle if vodka’s your thing. Expect a few Australian bucks back if you start out with 60.