Truly Original

I have written a number of times about the Bacardi True Originals campaign that had manifested itself in some quite compelling, standout video content featuring three characters and perhaps the most incredibly smooth flair bartender that has been seen on this green earth.

Another piece of the puzzle dropped into place a few days ago. The campaign now has a website. www.trueoriginals.com 

It is a facebook connected community site, complete with game theory badges for members to unlock by growing the community, interacting with content and contributing their own. The technology is rather impressive, but so was the technology behind the Groove Armada record release which signaled a great degree of focus from the brand in breaking into the digital space in a meaningful way.

True Originals feels as though it has a great chance of succeeding. Engaging, as it does, the most interested part of their brands audience. Bartenders, and the odd hanger on like me, are rewarded with some quite striking and innovative content. Check out the video above, it represents a significant change from the established front on bar shoots made famous by the american bar school, and emulated by many since…

The quality of the content, the decision to keep the videos unlisted, the use of facebook (already the default way most in the global bartending community keep in touch) to spread and control accounts all point to success for this as an idea. Couple this digital environment with the Legacy Cocktail Competition and a set of engraved bar kits that look really stunning and it all adds up to a bold move that should by all accounts succeed.

Get on there and check it out.


Time for Tales

By the look of my facebook feed, Tales is about to get underway…

Tales of the Cocktail is a yearly event to celebrate American and International Cocktailery. I have made a pact with myself to attend, but this year it will not be. Festivities kick off today in N’awlins, and if you’re interested in following the action, here are your best bets:

Camper English of Alcademics is attempting to keep track of every drink he imbibes during the four day festival. 4 drinks in the first two hours, I hope he’s not getting behind the wheel later…

Simon McGoram of 4bars fame is heading over. I hope he writes something while he’s there. Twitter might be as good as it gets though…

The Intoxicologist is in the house as well.

You can also read the Tales Blog as well.

Anyway, before jealous rants consume me, I’ll sign off and await some news…