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MixMarch #17: The South Ireland Sour

No, there hasn’t been a terrorist attack, it St Patrick’s Day. A day for everyone on earth to pretend they’re Irish, hang up their moral compass and run naked through the streets of common sense. In Chicago, they like it so much they’ll poison their rivers with “organic” food colouring. In order to properly honour this day of days, I present to you, dear reader, The South Ireland Sour.

This drink is the brainchild of Jacob Briars, enfant terrible of the international bar cheffing community, voted second most likely to blow up the Houses of Parliament by his year 2 classmates and 42Below‘s Professor of vodka.

Briar’s came up with the idea for the drink whilst undertaking a walking tour of Ireland’s bog snorkelling arena. Up to his eyeballs in Bog Violet and tadpoles, the most unusal pairing of Feijoa and Guinness entered his mind, and stayed there, despite numerous attempts to scour it out with Bushmills at a Cork Hotel later that evening.

It was not until Jacob made it back to New Munster that this curious recipe got to see the light of day. And so it was, at the 2007 Cocktail World Cup in Queenstown, New Zealand, the drink was shook. And poured, and supped.

The first remarks were “that has the look of filthy pondwater” quickly followed by “that’s a hell of a drink”

So, go on, get a little Irish in ya.

The South Ireland Sour*

Take equal parts Guinness, 42Below Feijoa Vodka, Simple Syrup and fresh lemon juice. Add a dash of fresh egg white. Ice and shake like you’ve lost ownsership of all your lands and you’ve naught to eat but pa-tay-tas. Strain up. Obvious garnish choices would include a four-leaf clover, a leprechaun or the false hopes of a technology led economy.

*Just in case there’s Americans reading this who otherwise might miss the witty subtext: Cork, where the drink was conceived is in the county of Munster in the Emerald Isle. The South Island in New Zealand was once called New Munster, by our first Governor, William Hobson, largely due to the abundance of pots of gold and wee folk. By using the words ‘South Ireland’ for a drink made in the ‘South Island’, Jacob has alluded to the connection between the two places and the ingredients in the beverage. This is what is called a homophonic pun, but has nothing to do with gay rights. It is exactly this type of considered, intelligent wordplay that prompted the North Seatoun Bowling Club, Domino Shack and College of Cardinals** to award Jacob his Professorial Degree.

**I realise this name is quite a mouthful and sounds a tad made up, in all honesty though, it is proof of what happens when a mixed member proportional system of government, devised by an invading power and meant to cripple a country, is instituted in a small shire like New Zealand. Special Interest groups quickly combine, unholy trinities result and the next thing you know, Winston Peters is the country’s Foreign Minister.

P.S. Should any of you plowed on this far, prepare to reap the reward of your efforts as I weld one more tenuous link in the chain that has become this article and link the drink with the otherwise incongruous photo the beginning. Before it was named New Munster, the South Island had another name Te Wai Pounamu, or, The Waters of Green Stone. Which links nicely to those green waters at the start. No loose ends here then, move along.

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The Drinking Bond

James-Bond-Logo-Poster-C10053467(1)James Bond has always fascinated me. From going to the Christmas Holiday movie premieres to discovering the novels on a dusty shelf in a remote New Zealand batch, an exciting lifestyle punctuated with great food, plentiful drinks, fast cars and intriguing women inspired me enough to seek out the the rest of the stories. My girlfriend recently bought me the Quantum of Solace: The Complete James Bond Short Stories, the plot lines of which appear in many of the movies. Noticing a much wider breadth of drinking than I had recognised before, it got me wondering – What does James Bond Drink?

Bourbon whiskey
Scotch whisky
Vodka martini
Brandy or Cognac
Gin or undetermined martini
Red wine
Straight vodka
White wine
Vodka and tonic
Gin and tonic
Old Fashioned
Undetermined whiskey
Vesper martini
Canadian whiskey
Korn Schnapps
Black Velvet
Irish Coffee
Japanese whisky
Mint Julep
Pink gin
Rum Collins
Sparkling wine

66 Champagnes, mostly bottles and brand preferences of Bollinger, Tattinger, Dom Perignon and Veuve Cliqout, an average of 7 years in the bottle. 57 Bourbon whiskeys, normally straight up but with ice on occassion, brand preferences of Jack Daniels (Actually a Tennessee Whiskey) & Old Grandad. 42 Scotch Whiskies, Haig & Haig and Black & White. 41 vodka martinis, Shaken not stirred, always with a peel, Smirnoff, Stolichnaya and Finlandia. 37 Sakes, All consumed in You Only Live Twice, Kampai! 24 Brandies or Cognacs, Calvados once, French the rest of the time. 21 Gin martinis, also shaken, Beefeater or Gordons. 21 Red Wines, Mouton Rothschild more than any other. 13 Beers, Lowenbrau, Red Stripe, Miller High Life. 11 straight vodkas, Smirnoff, Stoli, Wolfscmidt and Siamese, occassionally with a pinch of black pepper. 10 vesper martinis, three measures of Gordon’s, one of Smirnoff, one of Kina Lillet, Shaken until it’s very cold and served in a deep wine goblet. 9 white wines, with a preference for Italians. 8 vodka tonics & 7 Gin and tonics. 6 Americanos, always made with Perrier, the cheapest way to improve a poor drink. 6 raki, all consumed in Asia minor. 4 Old Fashioned’s, always made with Bourbon. 4 whisk(e)y’s, of indeterminate origin.  3 Enzian, mad mountain flower schnapps from Austria, similar to Genepey in the French Alps. 3 ouzos, only in Greece. 3 Rums, only in the Carribean. 3 Stingers, the least Bond of all, brandy and creme de menthe. 2 Canadian Whiskeys. 2 Korn Schnapps. 1 Black Velvet, Pure Irish Bond, Guinness and Champagne. 1 Glüwein, in the mountains, of course. 1 each of Irish Coffee, Japanese whisky, Marsala, Mint Julep, Mojito, Negroni, Pink gin, Sazerac, Port, Rum Collins, Sherry, Slivovic, Sparkling wine, Steinhäger and 20 drinks that are not identified in any way.

A couple of other little snippets.

  • Daniel Craig is indeed the best Bond ever, consuming 12 drinks in Casino Royale and 8 in Quantum of Solace. The average consumption is 5.
  • Books are better than movies, Bond consumes 317 drinks in print, compared to 122 on screen.

The James Bond Bar.

If all this has got you wanting to live the James Bond lifestyle, or even maybe watch the back catalogue matching the man one for one, here’s what you’ll need to pull it off.

Apéritifs: Campari, Kina Lillet♣. Beer: Franziskaner, Guinness Stout, Löwenbräu, Miller High Life and Red Stripe. Bourbon: I.W. Harper, Jim Beam, Old Grand-Dad, Walker’s Deluxe. Brandy and Cognac: Calvados, Hennessy. Canadian Whisky: Canadian Club. Gin: Beefeater, Gordon’s, House of Lords, Steinhäger. Japanese Whisky: Suntory. Scotch Whisky: Black & White, Haig and Haig (Pinch or Dimple). Tennessee Whiskey: Jack Daniel’s. Vermouth: Cinzano, Martini & Rossi. Vodka: Absolut, Finlandia, Smirnoff (Red, Blue and Black Labels), Stolichnaya, Wolfschmidt. Other: Enzian, korn schnapps, kummel, ouzo, raki, sake (but only served in large tumblers), sherry, slivovic, white creme de menthe. Champagnes: Bollinger, Dom Perignon, Krug, Pommery, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot. Wines: Name brands include Calvet, Kavaklidere, Château Angélus and Mouton Rothschild. Besides red wines in general, styles enjoyed by Bond include Chianti, Fondant, Liebfraumilch, Mâcon, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, Pouilly-Fuissé, Riquewihr, Rosé d’Anjou, Theotaki Aspro, and White Bordeaux. Soda Water: Perrier. Other ingredients: Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s Bitters. Garnishes: Lemon peel, lime.

♣ Kina Lillet is no longer produced, you could try and buy a bottle at auction, but storage of the product means it’s likely to be off. Your best bet is to use Lillet Blanc, and if you’re willing to go the whole hog, find some bark from a Chincona tree. The tree only grows in Peru.

You can find much of this information over at make mine a 007. I’ve just updated the Quantum of Solace stats and added a little of me to the mix.