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The Rum Club Quiz.

If anyone makes a comment, I’ll supply the answers…



  1. Who said “Don’t talk to me about naval tradition. It’s nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash.”?
  2. Who is said to have ‘invented’ the daiquiri in 1896?
  3. Who said “There’s naught, no doubt, so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.”?
  4. Who is the Master Blender of Appleton Estate Rums?
  5. Who named Antigua after “Santa Maria la Antigua, a  Chapel in Seville?
  6. Who said “But why is the rum gone?”?
  7. Who is considered the father of Martinique Rhum?
  8. Who said “I’m not entirely sure I’ve had enough rum to allow that kind of talk.”?
  9. Who ordered that the daily British Naval rum ration be watered down?

10.  Whose body was famously stored in a barrel of rum after he was killed in




11.  What is Bagasse?

12.  What is a Duppy?

13.  What Rum must be used to make a Dark’n’Stormy?

14.  What animal appears on the front of a Bacardi Bottle?

15.  What is 31st July known as to rum fans?

16.  What is Blackstrap?

17.  What three ingredients are used in a Daiquiri?

18.  What animal is on the front of a Bundaberg bottle?

19.  What is ‘Pusser’ the naval slang for?

20.  What is the Spanish name for Rum?



21.  Where was a  country’s government was overthrown in 1808 in the Rum Rebellion for the only time in its history?

22.  Where is the Conch Republic?

23.  Where was the Pina Colada invented?

24.  Where is a rum called ‘Screech’ made and drunk?

25.  Where is sugar cane supposed to have originated?

26.  Where is Dunder most famously used?

27.  Where did John Pemberton invent Coca Cola?

28.  Where does the Rum Stroh come from?

29.  Where is the Demerara river?

30.  Where is English Harbour?

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