And the Pussy goes to…..

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So, the finalists for the Australian Bar Awards came out today, and to celebrate my acension from hobbyist to pseudo journalist, I thought I would relay the details of the first press release this blog has ever recieved.

My favourite has to be the Pussy award for Best New Venue Design, that inspired the title of my post. The list was formed by votes by folks in the industry, and winners will be picked by a panel of judges, just like Masterchef but with fewer tears.

The awards will be held ¬†on Wednesday, 23rd September at the Gala Dinner thats attached to the Sydney Barshow. I hope I get invited….

There are plenty of Sydney venues and personalities on the list. I’ve put them in Italic to make them stand out a bit more.

Just to make what is, essentially, a great big list, a bit more fun, I will Bold the ones I’m picking as winners.

Bartender of the Year

If you would like the full list of finalists click here

Sponsored by Club Suntory

I’m going with Petr Dvorek, Lotus

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