Burns’ Supper


There was a trend last year in the final rounds of Australia’s World Class competiton to serve whisky and meat together. Both the fattiness and the nutty characters that come out in preserved meats lend themselves delightfully to a wee dram.

It would also be fair to say that I am a big fan of getting dinner and a drink when I order a cocktail. It is always a pleasant surprise.

This drink from Kal at the Laneway sounds good enough to get on a plane to Brisbane for. The addition of a wee plash to the whisky pays off big with this member of the Walker stable as well.

Burns’ Supper

45mls Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
10ml Mineral Water
Iberico Shoulder Jamon wrapped around a hand rolled grissini
Buffalo Reggiano
Candied Hickory Smoked Kalamata Olives

This drink was created as part of the launch of Johnnie Walker Platinum Label in Australia. Eight bars, across the country, were selected to receive the liquid ahead of general trade and had the chance to come up with a signature serve to make the most of the spirits versatility and showcase their bars style and service.