Cocktail Implements, The Glorious Recipe

Mr Meehans Opus

Proof that the Amazon bookstore is wrong. The PDT Cocktail book has been published and is alive and well on the streets of New York.

I was lucky enough to taste some of Jim’s drinks at Cocktail World Cup in New Zealand and listen to him present. Both the drinks and his chat were top notch, the man, and his bar have a unique approach to thinking about and making drinks. Always playful, always interesting, always delicious.

If you’re not standing next to Jim taking this photo like Jacob Briars was, you’ll have to order from Amazon and wait for the 1st of November, like the rest of us. At a list price of $25 US, you’d be mad not to take advantge of the economic meltdown and subsequent strength of the Australian dollar to pick your self up a copy.

Now you know what to buy me for Christmas.