Happy Birthday to me.

Hasn’t time just flown. Exactly one year ago today I started this blog, with a post on Victoria Room. I’ve learnt a lot about publishing on the interwebs since then, so much in fact that I now know that by adding the picture of the cute fluffy cat drinking a cocktail, my blog will soon be an internet sensation. All I need now is a video of a guy hitting himself in the nuts with a drink to truly take me over the top.

The only other thing that might end up getting passed around the net I can think of is a beautiful info graphic containing all the activities I’ve undertaken in the service of this site over the past year. Pretty much have to use Helvetica i suppose…

I hope that you’ve gotten some enjoyment out of reading my take on cocktails and their enjoyment. I love writing this blog and have got some fun new ideas of how to try and get some of you involved a little more in the site.

Must be time time for a cocktail.