The Antipodes make a powerful impact in the Tales Spirited Awards

It’s that time of year again, and the fine folks who organise Tales of the Cocktail each year have announce the top 10 finalists for each of the categories for their much vaunted Spirited Awards.

If you click the link above, you might find it kind of odd that there are American and International bartender awards, and that international bartenders, like our own Sam Ross, who is working in America, and likely will be for some time, is not eligible to be not being considered for an American bartending award. It becomes less confusing, I suppose, when you remember that the Americans play a World Series of Baseball, which the Japanese and Mexican teams are not invited to compete in, while Japanese and Mexican nationals playing for US teams can. I hope that cleared things up…

Despite the oxymoronical nature of the previous paragraph, it is a great testament to the effort that has been put in building a bar culture down here on the other side of the world that the number of finalists has risen again this year.

Anyways, a hearty well done to the guys who’ve made the grade. Hopefully we can top last years efforts by Eau de Vie and bring home even more awards.

 American Bartender of the Year

  • Naren Young

Best American Brand Ambassador

  • Nick Van Tiel

Best Bar Mentor

  • Sven Almenning

 Best Cocktail Writing – Author

  • Naren Young

 Best International Brand Ambassador

  • Jacob Briars
  • Jamie Terrell
  • Manuel Terron

 International Bartender of the Year

  • Massimo Greco
  • Sam Ross
  • Michael Madrusan

World’s Best Cocktail Bar

  • Black Pearl –Melbourne, Australia
  • Eau de Vie – Sydney, Australia

World’s Best Cocktail Menu

  • Black Pearl – Melbourne, Australia
  • The Roosevelt – Sydney, Australia

World’s Best Drinks Selection

  • Eau de Vie – Sydney, Australia

World’s Best New Cocktail Bar

  • The Everleigh – Melbourne, Australia

Time for Tales

By the look of my facebook feed, Tales is about to get underway…

Tales of the Cocktail is a yearly event to celebrate American and International Cocktailery. I have made a pact with myself to attend, but this year it will not be. Festivities kick off today in N’awlins, and if you’re interested in following the action, here are your best bets:

Camper English of Alcademics is attempting to keep track of every drink he imbibes during the four day festival. 4 drinks in the first two hours, I hope he’s not getting behind the wheel later…

Simon McGoram of 4bars fame is heading over. I hope he writes something while he’s there. Twitter might be as good as it gets though…

The Intoxicologist is in the house as well.

You can also read the Tales Blog as well.

Anyway, before jealous rants consume me, I’ll sign off and await some news…