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MixMarch #7: The Possum Hunt

I’ve been a massive fan of 42 Below Feijoa for a long time. The wintergreen note is addictive, like licking deep heat and tiger balm off a mattress. It sounds bad at first, but once you’re into it there is no turning back.

Mostly this isn’t a flavour that does well with North Americans, and while if I’m being proper, this is a mixed drink and not a cocktail, and finding an American willing to try and convert people to the gospel, I just had to add it here.

The Possum Hunt.

Double shot of 42 Below Feijoa over lots of rocks.
Top with a mere splash of soda.
Double squeeze of lemon.
Get huntin’.

Thanks to the fine cocktail blog in the empire city for sharing this first. Embury Cocktails.