The Top 50 Most Influential People in Australian Bartending

Australian Bartender magazine has just published a list of the 50 most influential bar personalities in Australia. It’s an interesting snapshot of the industry, as it covers writers, tenders, owners, trainers and ambassadors.
There is an event in Melbourne on the 8th of December to announce the top 10 and I’ll be following @OzBartnederMag on twitter to get the real time results. If you’re going to be down there, it’s at Match Bar & Grill. You need to be invited, so hopefully you know Simon McGoram’s email (or anyone at Spanton), failing that, I reckon taking a bottle of Heradura Anejo along with you to ply Alex Ross with might also get you in the door.
Anyway, here’s the list:
  • Alex Ross, Match Bar & Grill, Melbourne
  • Amy Cooper, Sun-Herald S
  • Andrew McDowell, Crown & Sceptre, Adelaide
  • Andy Freeman, Luxe Bar/bamboo, Perth
  • Barry Chalmers, Behind Bars
  • Ben Davidson, Pernod Ricard
  • Ben Walsh, Goldfish, Sydney
  • Cameron Birt, The Bowery/Skyroom, Brisbane
  • Camillio Ippolitti, Cookie/Revolver, Melbourne
  • Con Christopoulos, Melbourne Supperclub/Siglo, Melbourne
  • Dave Evans, Hugos Group, Sydney
  • David Nguyen-Luu, The Julep Lounge, Canberra
  • Fraser Short, Keystone Hospitality, Sydney
  • Gary Beadle, 399, Perth
  • Geoff Hayward, The Brisbane Hotel, Perth
  • Grant Collins, Bar Solutions/Zeta, Sydney
  • Greg Sanderson, Reserve/Black Pearl, Melbourne
  • Jacob Briars, 42 Below
  • Jason Chan, Seamstress/Sweatshop, Melbourne
  • Jason Crawley, Mixxit
  • Jason Jelicich, Barmetrix
  • Justin Hemmes, Merivale Group, Sydney
  • Kevin Singh, Taj Hospitality, Melbourne
  • Leeroy Petersen, Twisted Liquid
  • Linden Pride, Rockpool B&G and Mangkut Group, Sydney
  • Manuel Terron, Southtrade International
  • Marco Faraone, Flavour
  • Marcus Motteram, 24 Moons & ffour, Melbourne
  • James Hudson, Re: Love, Sydney
  • Mark Ward, Yakusan
  • Martin Lange, Sling/Salon, Brisbane
  • Mathew Hewitt, Gin Lane, Brisbane
  • Matthew Bax, Der Raum, Melbourne
  • Maurice Terzini, Icebergs & North Bondi Italian Food, Sydney
  • Michael Delany, Honkytonks, Sorry Grandma! & Third Class, Melbourne
  • Mick Formosa, Club Suntory
  • Mike Chen, Golden Monkey, Melbourne
  • Mike Enright, Merivale Group, Sydney
  • Naren Young, Locanda, NYC  and Bartender magazine contributor
  • Natasha Conte, Black Pearl, Melbourne
  • Nigel Weisbaum, Club Suntory
  • Pat Nourse, Gourmet Traveller
  • Paul Schulte, The Winery & Gazebo Wine Garden, Sydney
  • Perry Scott, The Lark, Brisbane
  • Phil Bayly, Café Pacifico, Sydney
  • Raphael Bickle, Katarzyna Group, Brisbane
  • Sebastian Reaburn, 1806, Melbourne
  • Sven Almenning, Behind Bars
  • Tim Wastell, Blue Diamond, Melbourne
  • Vernon Chalker, Gin Palace, Madame Brussels, Collins Quarter, Melbourne

No real surprises there then, including my not making it onto the list (although I think it’s obvious I’d be a 53, should the list have gone that far).

Ah well, there’s always next year…