Bar, New Zealand

On Tour: Hooch

If 42Below is going to hold another Cocktail World Cup in Wellington, Hooch is going to need buy some more shot glasses. That said, for a bar to be inundated by the assorted drinking Illuminati and round after round of Montys, and my only negative statement to be a lack of shot glasses, it really says a lot.

I can’t say I had the chance to make my way through the list, but the Old Pal Chris Hysted pulled together in his head from the back bar tasted pretty good later in the evening, the shots of Maraschino, taken from egg cups, were also more palatable than I expected.

The fries are a lifesaver later in the night. The little upstairs saloon holds a handful of small tables and a couple of cosy nooks. Beware if you sit under the horns, the wallpaper does strange things to your head after one too many.

Owned by the same team that bought you Hawthorn lounge, a stumble down Tory St.

Upstairs, 46 Courtenay Place
Te Aro 6011, New Zealand

On Google Maps here.

This is the last in the series of fantastic bars I visited in Wellington. It’s a great town, and one of the world’s great bar cities. If you’re into good food, great bars and a well mixed drink. Jump a plane today.