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Tropical Foam

There were days when fine foamy drink required a team of dedicated shakers to achieve an fluffy and long lasting consistency.

Fast forward to the advent of molecular gastronmy and the closing of proximity between bar and kitchen, quickly nitrous creamers came to the fore, charging emulsions that could be floated across the surface of a drink, quite literally adding a new layer of enjoyment to your tasty beverage.

And now, we stand on the welcome mat of a brave new world, with the launch of Bols Foam.

The delicate addition of fats and complex sugars to the existing Bols range, coupled with a nifty squirty nozzle, possibly lifted from the foaming facial cleanser industry, and you have a shelf stable alternative to tropical up your drinks, foam style.

The boffins from Bols go some way in explaining it in this video:

No word as yet on availability in the Antipodes, but the Bols site is showing Cassis, Blue, Banana, Amaretto, White Cacao & Peppermint.