It’s a Global Rematch, Beeyatch.

The hallmark of most cocktail competitions are style, quality and service. The effortless (looking) production of a few great drinks in a not too difficult window of time, a quick photo with the primary spirit in the background for the brand owners who have sponsored the competition as the other entrants watch on in respectful silence.

Rematch however, is different. Run by bartenders with not brand sponsporship, this contest is about comedy drink, vicious sledging and the person that can throw together a passable round in the shortest possible time.

It’s been running around the world for a few years now, but tomorrow will be the first global rematch, with countries around the world holding comps, getting rowdy and trying to take the world record away from Australia.

That’s right, Australia holds some world records that don’t require lycra or the shaving of all body hair to get the advantage. This is also one time when a man can be rightly proud of coming first in a couple of minutes.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

On Monday, May 14th, begins the largest global cocktail event in history. Approximately 200+ bartenders from around the world will compete in an unprecedented competition where only one winner is decided. The deciding factor is speed. It’s the one thing, that at one point (or several) in our career, we all measured who was best. Speed meant you got to keep your job. Speed meant you got to pay… your bills. Speed meant you got to survive and fight another day. If you were not fast, you did not belong.

This event is completely unsponsored. It was done through a network of like-minded individuals. People around the world have donated their time, venues and products. Bartenders, Brand Ambassadors, Owners, Writers and others have worked together to see this through. I do not think there has ever been a time where all of us came together to work on one specific event. Many have looked past money and personal gains. We have helped organize this event because honestly it would be cool to be in a room full of people you either love, respect (or secretly hate) and see them presented with a round of cocktails that is utterly ridiculous and see them make what is probably the worst set of drinks in their careers.

Global Rematch Beeyatch Sydney will be held at Pelicano, 28 Bay St, Double Bay on Monday 14th May kicking off at 6pm. Sydney’s finest will be going head to head with the world record holder, Luke Reddington getting pumped to defend his title and to set a new world record.  As always from The Colada Club, great times, fat beats and liquid treats are to be had so come down and support the fastest booze slingers down under!

Entry is a donation on the door. Probably best to wear something that can go through the heavily soiled cycle on your average modern washing machine.

I’ll see you there.