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One Hundred Million Dollars

The glow of the Australian win in Rio is still apparent in the hearts of minds of many in the industry here, despite the best efforts of Nawlins and Tales in intoxicating it out of people’s minds.

Against this heady backdrop, Diageo Reserve has come out with a massive piece of news.

The winner of World Class in 2013 will win one hundred million dollars towards building a volcano lair, complete with a tank full of sharks with lasers on their heads.  one hundred thousand dollars towards opening a venue and expert mentorship to make it a reality.

That’s for the Australian winner.


The Australian winner of World Class next year will win $100,000 towards opening a venue of their own.

The motto of World Class a couple of years back was “Raising the Bar.”

Increasingly more and more brands are offering trips, experiences and contests around the world.  A few have even offered this sort of cash at a global level but $100,000 for an Australian winner? The bar has been truly raised.

I hope I still get to be a judge…

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