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Industry shock as Bayly renounces hats, tequila; plans to open subzero vodka exeperience

Phil BaylyErstwhile Mexican and Dr Seuss revivalist Phil Bayly shocked the city of Sydney last month by closing the doors on the city’s favourite den of fajitas and iniquity, Cafe Pacifico in Riley St.

Bayly delivered a rambling and at times difficult to follow address to the assembled bearded young men, tattooed young women and jaded industry hacks on the venues final night. Weeping openly, Mr Bayly spoke of his supreme disappointment in the hipster bartending movement and their obsession with appropriating the style of previous generations, decaring hats to have “become mainstream” and alluding to a ¬†shift in his own petasusian leanings, with berets, beanies and potentially viking horned helmets getting a look in.

Sources close to Bayly have him linked with a new venue in Circular Quay’s International Passenger terminal. Billed as the largest subzero vodka experience outside of the United States, it seems like Bayly is once again setting out on a bold journey to educate consumers and build an audience for an authentic spirit.

Anyone who has got this far through this article should know, the story outlined is just as believable as the fact there is no longer a Cafe Pacifico in our lives.

Really looking forward to seeing what is actually next.

Photo honestly stolen from Chic Traveller