More Cuban than the Cubans

It’s Bacardi Founders Day today, the birthday of the world’s largest family owned spirits company. Staff and friends of the brand will be breaking out the rum and the cigars and you should too!

Celebrate the only brand to show its love for animals by having them on the bottle, the innovation that borrowed the Solera aging system from the court sherries and bought them to the new world, The family that allegedly financed a private bombing run on the Cuban mainland, the marketing genius of Mr Ogilvy and his still professed love for the Puerto Rican Rum.

Anyway, if any of you feel like celebrating one of the original spirits houses on their day of days, I’d recommend the hand shaken daiquiri, a drink that was truly invented for the bottle with the bat. 3 parts Bacardi, 1 part lime and 1/2 sugar. Combine in a shaker, ice and shake like you’re being chased out of Cuba. There’s a video after the jump.

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