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Gazebo Wine GardenIt’s been a while since a venue has pulled me back for a second night in a row over a weekend, but Gazebo achieved this feat on Friday and Saturday night.

The stylish counterpoint to King’s Cross Police Station and the adjacent park warms up from early evening, with outside gas heaters and radiants keeping away all but the most persistent gusts of late winter chill. Cocktail wise, the Negroni was excellent, well iced and perfectly diluted when it hit the table. The Garden jars of Pimms could have done with a splash of ginger to better suit my palate, but the were beautifully presented with heaps of fresh fruit keeping the colour up.

The staff are friendly and attentive, even when every table is in full swing they keep the drinks coming and the table clear. A great wine list, including Australia’s world famous Grange by the glass and solid representations from around the world are enough to keep everyone busy, happy and merry. The beer list is small by Aussie standards, but the addition of the Asahi Black, a lager style stout from the land of the rising sun keeps things interesting.

Food is available, choices of entrees easily adapted to Tapas style eating and Mains that represent great value and taste, stars for me; the calamari, the sausage roll, the roma salad and the provencal mussels.

Book if you can, turn up if you can’t. Superb fun with a group, small or large.

02 9357 5333

2 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Sydney 2011.

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