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On Tour: Logan Brown

Ok, so Logan Brown is really a more of a restaurant than a bar, but I have a connection here that drew me back like a moth to a flame.

Logan Brown is the first place I can remember making the jump from from mixed drinks and the occasional shaker/shooter into the esteemed and wonderful world of the cocktail proper. This transition was not heralded by anything as lofty as a desire to become (more) stylish, cultured or storied. I was, like many before me, led to the shrine of the fancy drink by the wiles of a hot female bartender. I forget how many drinks I purchased, or hours I spent, but obviously in the end it was completely time well spent. Back in Wellington for the first time in years, I simply had to make time for a visit.

Cuba St is a revelation to all who love good food and drink, a colorful stroll up the mall and one block more will deposit you on the corner of Vivian and Cuba, looking across the intersection at the old time bank that houses Logan Brown.

Enter, take a stool at the bar and ask for a free table for lunch. Stick to the classics; well made G&T’s, hand shaken daiquiris, a Negroni or two. The wine list is also fantastic.

I couldn’t finish without mention of the food. Chef’s Steve and Al love the access to ingredients that New Zealand affords, and the menu reflects that. Game, Kai Moana (The bounty of the Sea) and the best vegetables available dress the plates.  You must try Paua Ravioli, New Zealand’s native abalone, encased in perfect pasta pockets, swimming in a lime beurre blanc. I think it’s worth flying around the world for.

All round a great place for fine food, cold drinks and engaging company. Just like this lovely bunch at the bar really.
192 Cuba Street, Wellington 6141, New Zealand‎ – (04) 801 5114‎

On Google maps here, and online here as well.

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On Tour: Matterhorn

Excuse me if I gush a while, this place deserves it.

Just past the Bucket Fountain, on, a little, up the street.

To your left there lies a corridor, down which things, they are, well, sweet.

Whether you’ve come to drink the night away, or nose poke, for a look.

Swing the doors, inhale, smile, it’s the right decision that you’ve took.

I love this place. The Horn has been a Wellington institution since it opened in 1963. Serving Wellington’s soul with fine food, drinks and the very definition of hospitality. The restaurant serves up well prepared cuisine, check out this amazing Rabbit Terrine, my entree.

It can be hard to get your first drink, but once you’ve the attention at the bar, carefully prepared libation will appear with perfect regularity. The staff are tight and love the place they work, you can taste the love in every sip.

A great list, 381 bottles on the back bar and a stellar wine list  make this place a real delight. It has been home to many of the talents of New Zealand bartending, and many drinks have popped into existence here, including the Bacchus Riesling and the Falling Water.

Truly a place in the world to visit, cherish and share. Go, Now.

106 Cuba Street
Te Aro 6011, New Zealand
(04) 384 3359

On Google maps, here.