A Vodka for Rum Drinks

Ciroc Coco

This is the first of my Christmas Spirits buying guide for 2013.

When you love the flavour, finish and variety of distilled spirits as much as I do, there is no response more annoying than “I won’t drink anything but vodka.”

If you don’t like the taste of alcohol, you should probably be looking for a different drug.

This Christmas though,  there’s hope. Think of Ciroc Coco as a gateway to the world where the taste of booze is an integral part of the overall experience. This towering white hued bottle will open up a world of Tiki drinks, releasing your alcoholic handbrake and sending your careening down the hill to Hunter S Thompson country.

I can almost hear the battle hardened whisk(e)y lovers out there scoffing at my prose but there’s joy in these Frenchman’s tears for you as well. Think of this as liquid childhood, a chance to hark back to a world when you didn’t know or care what a mash bill was, or the relative merits of Quercus alba over anything else that grows in Europe. I dare you to drink some and not grin a little.

This is no whipped Cream flavoured number, the Coco is fresh and clean, plus the abv is pared back to a just 35% and that means this is the sort of fun that you can just throw back and start getting involved with.

Ciroc Coconut

Expect to part with about $70 for a bottle.