Bundaberg 125th Anniversary Release

b125Far to say this is an iconic release from an iconic Australian brand.

It appears that around 1978, some rum was made and somehow was held onto for long enough for it to become part of this fine mix of Queensland’s national drink. It’s no mean feat aging a spirit for 35 years, especially in a climate like the one that hangs like steamy velvet around the distillery in Bundaberg.

Old rum is often pretty ripe, and the liquid here doesn’t fall into that trap. Fans of the brand will still find the signature flavour profile, even as the age has shaved the edges off. Caramel, on the edge of being burnt, skirts the edges of the longest finishing Bundaberg I’ve ever put to my lips.

1,888 700 ml bottles have been produced. Each is numbered and comes in the fine walnut box pictured above. The copper rectangle beneath the liquid is an ingot from the melted down remains of one of the old Bundaberg stills, one that would have made some of the rums present in the bottle. You also get two engraved crystal tumblers, just to remind you that the liquid was made to be shared.

Quality finishes don’t come cheap. $1250 would buy a lot of O.P.

If that seems like a stretch your can get your hands on 125mls for $125, but you’ll have to front the bondhouse in Bundaberg to get it. Best slide behind the wheel of your HJ and get up there, as there are only 3000 available. (#1309 is already in my cabinet)


Bundaberg Masters Distillers’ Collection: Golden Reserve

Bundaberg continues to stretch its brand with the third release of the Master Distillers’ Collection today.

5 rums up to 11 years old have been blended and finished in sherry and port barrels. The blurb on the release talks about a balance between the traditional Bundy character and the fruity wood the oak will deliver.  I’ve been lucky enough to try a few of the experiments that have been a part of the collection and the end product is moving towards something quite respectable and quite unOP like.

Expect to part with 90 Australian dollars for a bottle to call your own. Brand tragics should jump behind the wheel and head for the distillery, to pick up one of the first thousand bottles, which will be specially packaged to mark the release.

Advertising, Spirit

Not Tequila

I know what I said yesterday, but I just watched the new Bundaberg Rum spot and thought it worth giving a share.

I have to say, I didn’t think that this one had the humor of the Drop Bear commercials of the magnificent Mr Logan, but they do open up a conversation on the history of the brand and the place it has in Australian culture.

I also think the first commercial is much better for the addition of the second.

Huzzah! Now if only they’d make the rum as good as the advertising.