Time for a Tea Party?


I must admit that I’m not really a huge fan of flavoured vodka, in particular when the flavour is manufactured at the International Flavor Institute just of the Jersey turnpike. Raspberry flavour that originates here contains precisely zero raspberries.

I’m told that where the myriad of flavours that Absolut bring to market come from, by a man claiming to be a professor of vodka.

All that aside, I felt I had to post on this, Absolut are making a special flavour, just for Boston. While Black Tea & Elderflower vodka probably  contain no tea or elderflowers I kind of like the idea. Always a sucker for a limited edition bottle, tying an edition to a specific location really appeals to me.

Previous Absolut flavors include black pepper and mango in New Orleans and pomegranate, blueberry, acerola cherry and a├žai berry for Los Angeles.

What flavour would Sydney be?