Cocktail Implements

The earliest cocktail publication from New Zealand

Great little share over the weekend from BH Simpson over at Smoke & Oakum Gunpowder Rum. This little pamphlet was produced by Maling & Co in Christchurch, New Zealand, that’s Maling’s above in the picture, as it looked around the start of the 1960s. The Company began in 1907 and went out of business some time in the late sixities.

The pamphlet itself was printed at Somerset Print, a family owned print business that started in 1955 and even after the earthquake, is still in business today. I’d say from the graphics on the pamphlet, that this was a job from the first few years of doing business.

Still pretty light on the details, but this might be the earliest kiwi cocktail book. I’d certainly be interested in anyone able to shed some more light, or prove me wrong with an older item.

The embed below keeps giving me trouble, so if it’s not displaying, you can view it here.