Beer, Cocktail

And now for something completely different.

It’s not often that I’ll write about beer but these two re-releases by the bots from the Barons Brewing Company are worth a special mention.

Both of these brews are flavoured with a small taste of native Australian fauna flora.

The Lemon Mrytle Witbier shows a lot more lemon-lime zinginess than you might expect had you tried Hoegaarden. There is the coriander note there too but more in a fresh cut stalks type of fashion as opposed to the dried spice in the German and Belgian acrhetypes. It all adds up to a very refreshing drop.

The Black Wattle Ale replaces zest with decadence. The roasted black wattle seeds add chocolaty hazelnut notes, milky coffee and maybe even a hint of roasted almonds. Perfect for the wintry weather that seems to have settled on Sydney.

The botanicals in these beers are really crying out for a bit of creativity in a cocktail, so here goes:

I still call Australia home.

30mls Inner Circle Green Dot OP Rum, 10mls Tambourine Mountain Choc Hazelnut liqueur, 330mls Barons Black Wattle Original Ale.

Build ingredients in a tankard. Garnish with a gumnut and a brooding criminal past.

True Blue.

40mls Tradewinds Gin, 20mls Blue Curacao, 10mls freshly squeezed lemon juice, 330mls Barons Lemon Myrtle Witbier.

Build ingredients in a glass tankard. Garnish with a lemon peel and a keen sense of irony.

Barons beers are available across Australia at high end bottle stores, and for those of you in Sydney, Chambers Cellars is a safe bet.