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Spice Temple.

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Tucked under the Rockpool grill, behind an LCD panel door and down a stairwell best described as circuitous, Sit the luxuriant bolt hole of Spice Temple. Chili, vinegar, szechuan pepper and other scents of the orient pervade the room. It is, quite simply, intoxicating.

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Before dinner started we had a short wait and made good use of it by ordering a selection from the cocktail menu. Being a horse year, I ordered a horse.

Fresh pomegranate, molasses and Cuban rum sounded like me. While the finished result didn’t necessarily conform with my idea of what a balanced drink should be, it was a perfect way to ready my palate for an incredibly spicy encounter at the table.

Go to this restaurant, the cocktails are interesting if not great, and the food is amazing. 

10 Bligh St, Sydney 2000. Downstairs.

+61 2 8078 1888

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