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Sneaky Little Tastes

I got to try a spoonful of the good juju last night. A bottle of Hendricks Tonic Cordial manufactured by the eponymous maker of rosey, cucumberous Gin. Photographic evidence is proving hard to come by, and I’m beginning to think it doesn’t really exist. Thanks Marty.

The bottle is filled with a fine syrup, flavored with lavender, cinchona (the white, powdered bark of a Peruvian tree.) and bitter orange.

Beautifully labelled, with a recipe for a Hendricks and Tonic, calling for 50 milliliters of Hendricks Gin, 25 milliliters Tonic Cordial and 100 milliliters soda water, the bottle appears to be somewhat of a rarity.

I believe it was purloined from one who slay the Jabberwock. You, obviously, can believe what you will.

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