Australian Bar Awards

HoldingAwardA short run through of my predictions proves that I really don’t know all that much about what’s going on in the Aussie bar industry. I obviously need to visit Melbourne, and Brisbane as well.

At least I got a couple right.

A full debrief of my experience will follow along shortly, but right now its all about the winners.

The 2009 Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards Winners

1st place – Chris Hysted, The Black Pearl, Melbourne
2nd place – Sebastian Raeburn, 1806, Melbourne
3rd place – Jason Williams, Seamstress/SweatShop, Melbourne

Bar of the Year
Golden Monkey, Melbourne

New Bar of the Year
Match Bar & Grill, Melbourne

Bar Team of the Year
The Lark, Brisbane

Cocktail Bar of the Year
Seamstress/Sweatshop, Melbourne

Nightclub of the Year
Kit & Kaboodle, Sydney

Cocktail List of the Year
Der Raum, Melbourne

Hotel of the Year
Ivy, Sydney

New Hotel of the Year
Cloudland, Brisbane

Best New Venue Design
Ivy Pool Club/Changeroom, Sydney

Best Drinks Selection
Byblos, Brisbane

Bar Manager of the Year
Tim Wastell, Blue Diamond, Melbourne

Registered Club of the Year
Club Swans, Sydney

Bar Operator of the Year (Multiple Venues)
Vernon Chalker, Collins Quarter, Madame Brussels, Gin Palace, Melbourne

Bar Operator of the Year (Single Venue)
Natasha Conte, Black Pearl, Melbourne

Best Music Offering
The Toff, Melbourne
The Piano Room, Sydney

Best Bar Food
Seamstress/Sweatshop, Melbourne

Small Bar of the Year
Sticky, Sydney

Best Specialty Beer Venue
The Local Taphouse, Sydney

Wine Bar of the Year
Gazebo Wine Garden, Sydney

Outstanding Contribution
Sven Almenning

Training Program of the Year
Diageo’s Alchemy Program
Beam Global’s and CCA’s Mixxit

Brand Ambassador of the Year
Mick Formosa, Club Suntory


Red Sky in the morning, Bartenders warning.


Bar Show is rolling to a close today, after a very auspicious start to the day with red dust changing the skies and the air quality very dramatically.

The Bar Show had a great crowd as I walked the floor today, the 42Below Cocktail World Cup Qualifiers were fun to watch, and I tried some excellent products which I’ll document over the next few days.

Bar Awards are tonight, and I’ll be there, seeing if the predictions I made are even close to coming true.

Looking forward to a great night.


And the Pussy goes to…..

Picture 4

So, the finalists for the Australian Bar Awards came out today, and to celebrate my acension from hobbyist to pseudo journalist, I thought I would relay the details of the first press release this blog has ever recieved.

My favourite has to be the Pussy award for Best New Venue Design, that inspired the title of my post. The list was formed by votes by folks in the industry, and winners will be picked by a panel of judges, just like Masterchef but with fewer tears.

The awards will be held  on Wednesday, 23rd September at the Gala Dinner thats attached to the Sydney Barshow. I hope I get invited….

There are plenty of Sydney venues and personalities on the list. I’ve put them in Italic to make them stand out a bit more.

Just to make what is, essentially, a great big list, a bit more fun, I will Bold the ones I’m picking as winners.

Bartender of the Year

If you would like the full list of finalists click here

Sponsored by Club Suntory

I’m going with Petr Dvorek, Lotus

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