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Καλό Πάσχα! Ouzo 12 Giveaway

ouzo-12-husband-small-73097It’s Greek Easter on the 5th of May and the fine folks at Campari have given me two bottles of Ouzo 12 to give away to help you celebrate.

A bottle each will go to the two best comments on this post. I love the old Ouzo 12 ads, so give me your favourite line from one or create your own.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You’ll need to live in Sydney or have a mule to carry the bottle from where I am to where you are should you win.
  2. I’ll decide in the comments string of this post on May 2, so you can pick it up from me on May 3 for the weekend.
  3. If no one comments I’ll drink both bottles myself.
  4. I’ll decide who wins, my decision will be final but exceptionally funny expressions of disappointment might change that.
  5. Rules subject to change for no reason whatsoever