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Augment This!

42 Below have taken Augmented reality to point of sale in the New Zealand market. Their Fatboy kiosk allows potential imbibers of the world’s most awarded vodka to interact, learn about the product and how to use it.

Yes. This is an unashamed gimmick but remember, they’re selling vodka, a spirit that is 99% style and 1%substance. What I love about it is they’ve found a way to take a new piece of technology and move it close to the point where people make a purchase decision. I am sure that it will suck people in like a honeytrap does bees.

Nice work!

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The Brothers Fee, now in Sydney

Fee Brothers Bitters

Mr Heinz built his global business on the strength of 57 varieties. Fee Brothers bring no less than 83 different cocktail products to the market. If you read much on cocktails being written around the world, it won’t be long before a recipe stipulates the use of one or more of them in the production of a brilliant new drink or a faithful reinvention of something from the distant past.

The company’s roots go right back to 1863 in San Fransisco, but mass production and distribution only really started during Prohibition when the Fee’s cordial flavourings were a popular addition to homemade hooch to cover up the heads and tails. Global scale has only really occurred since the mid nineties, where a change in labelling aligned with a global expansion of the cocktail business and a new generation of self styled mixoligists went looking for something a little different.

They grace the back bars around town easily enough, but I had been struggling to find them as a mere home enthusiast. Gouldburn Wines and Spirits now have it in stock. You can find them on Brisbane St, which is just off the lower end of Oxford St. Google Map it here.

The entrance might not look much, but the selection as enough to make you giddy.Anything you can’t find in Sydney, this would be a good option to track it down.

The taste profile of the flavoured bitters can be a lot different for those you might have experienced from the Houses of Angostura and Peychaud. I particularly like the Rhubarb Bitters, and I’ll be looking to build my collection and make some great tasty drinks.

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Ultimo Wine Centre

Tucked in the middle of very nondescript street in Ultimo. This store has one of the most impressive ranges of fine wines from around the world I have ever seen. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and love to talk about their trade.

On the liqour front, they stock a wonderful range of hard to find Tequila; including Familia Partida, Liquers like G. E. Massenez Liqueur de Violette and also are stockists of Lillet Blanc. They also have Blanton’s Bourbon. Well worth making a trip.

They sell plenty of this stuff online here. 

You can also find them at the address below.

Shop c21/99 Jones St
Ultimo NSW 2007

+61 2 9211 2380

Google Map.

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Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey

Rittenhouse RyeRittenhouse Rye Whisky was originally launched upon the repeal of Prohibition by the Continental Distilling Company ofPhiladelphia, and was subsequently acquired by Heaven Hill Distilleries, the nation’s largest independent family-owned spirits producer. Heaven Hill now produce a complete range of very crappy products like Hypnotiq and some non-agave tequila, but because of Rittenhouse I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they care about what they’re doing. They also produce Georgia Moon, a moonshine packaged in a jar (overbite and inbred children sold separately).

Back to Rittenhouse, it comes in three varieties, standard, bottled in bond (left) and the pricey but delightful 23yr old, which is much harder to find but well worth the effort. Rye whiskey is a bit drier (less sweet), stronger tasting and more peppery than bourbon. Cocktailwise, Manhattans and Sazeracs should definitely be experienced with this gem of the American Northeast.

So far I’ve found Rittenhouse at the Victoria Room, the Bayswater Brasserie and at Lotus. I also think I saw a bottle or two on the shelves at Elizabeth Bay Cellars.

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Elizabeth Bay Cellars

Tucked in a small row of shops on Elizabeth Bay Road lies the unimaginatively named Elizabeth Bay Cellars. Inside some quaint doors lies a veritable cornucopia of drinking pleasure, $10 cleanskins, a great selection of imported and local reds, and possibly the largest selection of chilled whites I’ve seen in this country.

The staff are a real pleasure, knowledgeable to a fault, happy to recommend, assist or simply talk about any facet of the alcoholic excess that clads their walls.

Proud stockists of 42BELOW vodka, Flor de Cana Rum & Van Winkle Reserve Bourbon. You’ll even find Lillet Blanc resting peacefully in the icebox, where every bartender knows it should be.

All that and they even sell (some of the range) online. right here.

Or if you prefer a less digital experience, you can find them using any of these methods:

76 Elizabeth Bay Rd
Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011 

Phone: +612 9358 1688
Fax: +612 9358 2347 

Google Map.


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