Everyday Drinking is a book of articles that were written by Kingsley Amis. It sets an approach to drinking that follows experimentation, enjoyment and entertaining as core tenets.

When I first read Kingsley’s book, I was taken by his thoughts on making cocktails at home, his interest in the history of drinks and the spirits that make them and his fusion of a tongue in cheek humour to bring his writing to life.

While I can’t claim to have achieved the heady literary heights of Kingsley, I’ll use him as my beacon as I talk about making drinks at home, my adventures visiting cocktail bars in Sydney, around the country and around the world. I’ll also write about people and products that have taken my fancy.


2 thoughts on “Manifesto

  1. holyroodpartnership says:

    We’re a long way from Sydney over here in Edinburgh.
    However, it’s Festival time in the Scottish capital which means the place is a home-from-home for many Aussies and Kiwis.
    That aside, I hoped you might be interested in this post and a couple of videos about Edinburgh’s main cocktail bar.
    If your regular readers are travelling, they might want to know places worth a visit.
    Also, I suspect that in Rick’s cocktail guru Mal Spence, you’ll find a kindred spirit.
    If you look this over, it would be great to get your comments. If you felt able to link to it even better.
    Great site, by the way. Some lovely photos.

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