Drinking makes you feel good.

Help this guy out, obviously punching above his weight

Help this guy out, obviously punching above his weight.

Some days, it feels like all being a fan of premium booze and crackin’ cocktails is only really good at emptying your wallet and giving you hangovers.

Somewhat rarer are opportunities to drink with purpose.

This is one of those times.

This is a story about a boy doing something for the woman he loves.

This is a story about said woman doing something big, something special and something that in no small way will change the world

Let me steal Tim’s word’s as they’re more heartfelt than anything I could muster:

Linn, my wonderful partner is finishing her Degree in Applied Social Science. She is specializing in coaching Psychology and part of finishing her degree involves 250 Hours Work Placement in an organization. Linn would like to do her placement at a charity based in Uganda called Woman Of Purpose International. This charity works to provide a society where vulnerable girls and women are empowered to live to their full potential. Read more below:


Long story short, this costs money to go over there. Linn will not be paid for her work, nor will she be helped with her flights costs, accommodation, and food there. This is not a holiday for Linn. She is going to Uganda to live within the community of these women, support them, and help these mothers get back into society. These TEENAGE women have been cast out of there society, usually for the “crime” of merely falling pregnant. This organization works to help them look after their children educate them, and support them into returning to their society.

So what can you do?

Head along to Bulletin Place this Sunday, the 8th of September from 4-8pm. Part with (more than) a few bucks and drink some booze that has been donated by some great companies. It might be your chance to actually see Tim Philips making drinks at his bar as well. There will be donations, there will be puns, there will be cocktails AND its for a good cause, so you can send a facebook status update to all those smug fucks who flood your social medias with their Dry July posts because drinking and charity are much better together than they are apart.

If you can’t make it along to the event itself, you can still contribute here http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/wopi/75884

See you there.




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