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Boom! A cocktail book you can get involved with.

541845_549492218424030_468301822_nSven and his band of merry men at Eau De Vie have made a start on something pretty special.

It’s a cocktail book, and instead of having it appear without fanfare on the market, they’ve decided to crowdfund the photography and production.

There are any number of packages/products and offers, although the 2.5k bar tabs with 10 signed books have understandably sold out already.

Get involved here. They’ve already met the target, so this is happening people!




2 thoughts on “Boom! A cocktail book you can get involved with.

  1. Ollie Carolan says:

    I am currently a Australian bartender that is living and working London for the past 6 years and only just come across this amazing tome. I have been looking all over the internet to find out where i can get my hands on one of these books. As the fund raising has already reached their goal, i cannot see anywhere to place an order for one of these amazing books.
    Any help would be greatly appricated

    Ollie Carolan

  2. Hi Ollie,
    the book is not out yet – we hope to have it with our original sponsors by end of October. Once this has happened we’ll make the book available both through our website and Facebook page as well as through various bookstores such as Amazon etc.

    Thanks for your interest! We look forward to getting the book out there as soon as possible

    Cheers & Bottoms up!


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