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One Hundred Million Dollars

The glow of the Australian win in Rio is still apparent in the hearts of minds of many in the industry here, despite the best efforts of Nawlins and Tales in intoxicating it out of people’s minds.

Against this heady backdrop, Diageo Reserve has come out with a massive piece of news.

The winner of World Class in 2013 will win one hundred million dollars towards building a volcano lair, complete with a tank full of sharks with lasers on their heads.  one hundred thousand dollars towards opening a venue and expert mentorship to make it a reality.

That’s for the Australian winner.


The Australian winner of World Class next year will win $100,000 towards opening a venue of their own.

The motto of World Class a couple of years back was “Raising the Bar.”

Increasingly more and more brands are offering trips, experiences and contests around the world.  A few have even offered this sort of cash at a global level but $100,000 for an Australian winner? The bar has been truly raised.

I hope I still get to be a judge…

Release follows:


Winner of World Class 2013 will receive $100,000 to open dream venue

Sydney, 07 August 2012. World Class, the search for the world’s best bartender, will reach new heights in 2013 with the announcement of a groundbreaking prize:  a $100,000 cash grant for the winner towards opening their very own venue along with expert mentorship from leading industry figures. Organised by Diageo Reserve, World Class is widely recognised as the globe’s premier bartending competition that aims to unearth the industry’s best bartending talent, showcase the latest developments in mixology and celebrate fine drinking experiences on a national and international scale.

World Class 2013 is set to be a game changer.  Not only will the winner receive what is regarded as the industry’s biggest bartending prize to date, they’ll also have the opportunity to represent Australia in the World Class global finals to compete for their chance to become a household name in bartending.

Matt Bruhn, Marketing Director for Diageo Australia, commented on the growing influence of the World Class programme:

“World Class is not only about showcasing the world’s best bartenders and highlighting their craft.  It’s about inspiring people to experiment with spirits and create fine drinking experiences at home.”

“The small bar scene continues to see strong growth and I feel that’s a great thing.  We think that by helping next year’s winner realise their dream of opening their own bar we’re well on our way to achieving our vision of changing lives and promoting a better drinking culture in Australia and beyond.”

The Australian bartending fraternity received huge plaudits a few weeks ago, with Tim Philips becoming the first Australian and fourth bartender in World Class history to take out the global title in Rio de Janeiro.  Tim ultimately beat 15,000 applicants and 50 of the world’s best bartenders in a four-day event in Brazil that saw him claim the title of ‘World’s best bartender’.

Tim Philips, speaking about his recent accolade, added:

“It was amazing to win the global title in Rio a couple of weeks ago, it goes to show that bartending in Australia is in a great place right now and we’re only going from strength to strength.  I can’t wait to get involved in World Class next year as a mentor and judge – World Class does change lives, I can personally attest to that.”

From mid-August 2012, bartenders will have the opportunity to enter the 2013 World Class competition which will be split into two halves, Round One and Round Two.  Featuring brands from Diageo’s luxury Reserve portfolio, bartenders will vie for a place in the national final to be held in Sydney in June next year and compete for the ultimate $100,000 prize.

To find out more about World Class 2013 and to join the conversation visit:

Every drop is an art.  Please drink responsibly.


For more information and interview opportunities, please contact:

Nick Larkworthy

Reserve Communications Manager

DIAGEO Australia

(02) 9126 7252, 0432 749 151


5 thoughts on “One Hundred Million Dollars

  1. Would be interested to see the terms and conditions attached to this – I don’t imagine the winner will be putting Beefeater Martinis and Bacardi Daiquris on their cocktail menu any time soon 😉 Congratulations to Diageo on showing such great faith in the wonderful pool of Australian bartenders, awesome to see a prize like this in our industry! (Given the birth of the Auszealand nation over the Olympic Games, will Kiwi bartenders be allowed to enter as ‘Auszealanders’?)

    • everydaydrinking says:

      Ask and ye shall receive Jacob. for the full document, but the major prize info is here.

      Major Prize.
      34. The winner of the Australian National Final will win $100,000 towards the winner opening a new bar venue in Australia (“the Major
      Prize”). There will be specific additional terms and conditions that relate to the Australian National Final, including details of the Major
      Prize, which is in addition to these details set out below. If there is any inconsistency between the information on the Major Prize as set
      out herein and the terms and conditions for the Australian National Final, then the latter shall prevail. After an initial consultancy session
      with Behind Bars and the Promoter, a financial plan will be created and signed off by the winner, the Promoter and Behind Bars. The
      decisions as to how the $100,000 prize will be spent will be jointly agreed by the winner, Behind Bars and the Promoter. If an agreement
      cannot be reached, the Promoter will have the final say and will approve all costs. Behind Bars will manage the $100,000 prize and
      will be the main point of contact for the winner. Expert mentorship from Sven Almenning (Behind Bars) and representatives from the
      Promoter will provide consultancy with the winner from inception to launch of their new venue. The winner must launch the bar during
      the period as mutually agreed between the parties. Once the venue is launched Behind Bars will provide a quarterly consultancy service
      for the winner for a period of 12 months. The winner will be required to sign an agreement with the Promoter and Behind Bars in a form
      determined by the Promoter in its absolute discretion before receiving the Major Prize. The winner must be a current, professionally
      employed bartender in Australia at a licensed venue at the time of winning the Major Prize. Any bartender that currently owns their own
      venue, has more than a 10% stake in a venue, or more than a 25% profit share agreement in place with a venue, is ineligible to win the
      Major Prize. Conditions of the agreement to take the Major Prize will include, but not be limited to, the following:
      (a) The winner agrees to a minimum 5-year pouring agreement with DIAGEO Reserve and this agreement will need to be signed by the
      winner. The winner will be afforded all of the usual benefits and support that comes with signing a pouring agreement with Diageo
      (BDM support, A&P funding, etc).
      (b) The winner assumes all liability for their venue. The Promoter and Behind Bars will provide consultancy and guidance, but these two
      entities will not be liable in any way for the actions of the winner or anyone associated with their venue. The winner will be required
      to agree to a release of liability and indemnity protecting the Promoter and Behind the Bars from any liability, to the maximum extent
      permit by law.
      (c) The winner must be fit for the purpose of applying for and being approved for a license in order to run their venue.
      (d) The winner agrees to being filmed and showcased on TV, and through all media stipulated by the DIAGEO Reserve Communications
      (e) The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the Major Prize at any time if the terms of the agreement to take the Major Prize is
      breached, as reasonably determined by the Promoter.

      Not exactly a free slate, but not forced exclusivity either. Yet, given there is that niggly little “include but not limited to” clause, they might be forced into making only Blue Blue Blue Blazers yet

  2. It’s about as tight as you’d expect, again depends on the pouring deal, which will hardly be negotiated from a strong position. More interesting is that current owners/partners can’t win the ‘Major Prize’ – but I presume could still win the Australian Final and compete in the global contest? But it shows a great faith in the younger bartenders of Australia, having ruled out those old enough to get their own bar up and running. Again, minor quibbles, on the whole I take my horse head off and salute Diageo for their chutzpah and courage.

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