Tony Conigliaro has the Selby in his place.

Tony C is a bit of a legend in the world of bar tending. Constantly on the search for new tastes, techniques and flavours, in many ways he is treading the path Heston Blumenthal laid down, albeit this time behind the stick at 69 Colbrooke Row, not the stoves at the Fat Duck.

The Selby is a fantastic photographer who makes pictures of people in their homes, and sometimes, just their homes. Go check out the rest of the shoot here.

You’ll not only see Tony making drinks, you’ll get a peek at one of the bottles he ages his Vintage Manhattan in, infusion of rosemary in a water-bath, the fat-washers among you will stare in blind wonder at the use of centrifuge and olive oil, the rest of you will be wondering what a bartender is doing in a science lab. as always great shots, and a fascinating record of one of the areas cocktails and the drinking experience is being pushed forward.

There is also a recipe, for the cocktail pictured above. Named for the Master-at-Arms; who, on ship, doled out the rations of rum and port. It looks and sounds a doozy, but also makes use of some of the science lab to pull off a port reduction, which is going to make it extremely difficult to pull off at home. Dr. Phil will probably build his own, based on the pictures.

The Master-at-Arms

In a shaker place rock ice, then pour 50ml dark rum, 20ml port reduction, 5ml grenadine. Stir, strain into a small coupette, garnished with a sailor’s knot in fine string.


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