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The Aviator

Last week, Eau de Vie turned one.

It was a fantastic soirée. Drinks flowed, conversation ranged‡ and laughter erupted.

A cake made by Nicole Kidman’s surrogate was eaten; a bottle of Champagne was (almost) sabered, before the second lost its head. I can assure you unequivocally, a grand time was had by all.

A few drinks from the new cocktail list circulated the floor. The Aviator, above, continues a trend started with the Lady’s Leg Cosmo, inspired by one of Sven Almenning’s wonderful collections of cocktail shakers. This one comes to life in the exquisite silver Zeppelin, and has the perfect addition of a paper plane garnish. I’m writing about it, not only beacuse it was the only drink I seem to have taken a photo of during the whole night, but also because it is a variation on my favourite cocktail of all time, the Aviation.

The drink is a touch sweet on the palate, but that is true of many of the drinks on the Eau de Vie list. The herby rhubarb sweetness will most certainly open the drink up to a much wider audience, an achievement all its own.

The Aviator

House-made rhubarb and juniper puree shaken with Tanqueray gin, fresh lemon and a drop of maraschino.

Measures are available, you’ll probably just have to sleep with Max to get them; hence, they are not here…


Make sure you get down and check out the new list, raise a glass to a year well spent, demand your Champagne be opened with a saber, try the Tanq 10 fat-washed with Peking duck and most of all enjoy the great service, spectacular drinks and perfect ambiance of Sydney’s finest small bar experience.

‡ Rocky’s African-American opponent was Apollo Creed, for the record.


2 thoughts on “The Aviator

    • everydaydrinking says:

      This one is from my favourite bar in Sydney, that said, I play with rhubarb a lot and I’ll definitely be playing with this juniper puree number.

      It goes great in a syrup too, with cinnamon and lime zest to use with rum and tiki drinks.

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